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Batgirl (2000)

Batgirl (2000)

Batgirl (2000)
Name: Batgirl (2000)
Alternate Name: Batgirl (2000) 2006
Year of Release: 2006
Author: Kelley Puckett - Scott Peterson
Views: 2532
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Flashback to years ago. Cassandra is a little girl and her father David Cain sets up a camera to tape her performance. A bunch of full grown men are standing on sheets of plastic and offered a knife. All they have to do to get paid is to take the knife and kill the little girl. One of them disproves but before he can leave Cassandra knocks the teeth from his mouth and his blood pools on the floor. He reaches for the knife but Cassandra beats him to it, she breaks his arm. The men scream...

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