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Claw The Unconquered (2006)

Claw The Unconquered (2006)

Claw The Unconquered (2006)
Name: Claw The Unconquered (2006)
Alternate Name: Claw The Unconquered (2006) 2006
Year of Release: 2006
Author: Chuck Dixon
Views: 28
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A unique hero gets a new beginning in this miniseries spinning out of the hit RED SONJA/CLAW THE UNCONQUERED: THE DEVILS HANDS, with an unbelievable debut issue that sports an alternate cover by GREEN LANTERN artist Ethan Van Sciver! Claw finds himself working as a mercenary when he learns of a dark prophecy that centers around him...and he sets out to explore this sinister destiny. But what secrets and unspeakable evil lie before him? Find out as RED SONJA/CLAW THE UNCONQUERED artist Andy Smith is joined by writer extraordinaire Chuck Dixon (Team Zero, Nightwing) in this bold new series!

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